Support for Reconstruction of Tohoku, North-Eastern of Japan

UT - Aid (Tokyo University and Tohoku - Aid)

- Our Group was founded by students of Tokyo University with the help of “Tokyo-University’s Sanshiro Foundation”.

- On March 11th. 2011, followed by huge earthquake, Tsunami had stricken on Tohoku, North-East of Japan, and it caused a lot of deaths, and victims. Those people still need our help for recovery from their serious situation.
“I am small, but we can do something for compatriot. Why not act for them?”
It is our motivation.
With the help of Sanshiro-Foundation, we started supporting those people by sending approximately 1,000 volunteers for a year. And also we send volunteers for educational and for supporting agricultural activities with the vision of reconstruction for peaceful life of the people in Tohoku for their bright Future.
We are striding ahead now.

- Biweekly sending volunteer team to Kesen-numa, and Ishinomaki in Tohoku.
- Supporting construction working for reconstruction.
- Educational contribution for elementary and junior high school students in Tohoku.
- For helping agricultural industry in Tohoku, proceeding for joint project ‘Joyn Tohoku’.

Records of Activities
- Approximately 1,000 volunteers have been sent for Kesen-numa in Tohoku.
- Contribution for “TOMODACHI Project” organized by US ? army and government.

- ‘Good Contributor for Supporting Tohoku Award’ by Supporting Contribution to Society Foundation.

Norito Iwamuro
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